The Semi-Frameless enclosures we offer are constructed with a lighter weight glass and the highest quality metal available for shower doors. These units are also designed to fit your shower/tub layout; Inline, 90 Degree Corner, Neo Angle and Custom. Some Semi-Frameless units can be adapted for steam applications. Semi-Frameless units offer through glass handles and towel bars. The semi-frameless is a great alternative to a frameless if you want a beautiful custom enclosure without the expense of a frameless.

90 Degree


Semi-Frameless 90 Degree is available as Swing Door or Sliding Enclosures. Layouts include Door and Return Panel(s).

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Neo Angle


Semi-Frameless Neo Angles are available as Swing Door Enclosures.  Layouts include Door and Panel(s).

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Inline Enclosures


Semi-Frameless Inline are available as Swing Door and Sliding Enclosures. Layouts include Door, Door and Panel(s).

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